DHI Technique

What is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is one of the most sophisticated hair transplantation methods. In DHI, hair follicles are eliminated from the benefactor location one by one by using an extractor with a diameter of 1mm or much less. 

DHI procedure is always carried out by licensed specialists, unlike FUE as well as FUT procedures that are primarily done by specialists.

Unlike the FUE method, during the DHI implantation approach, site creation and also graft implantation are performed all at once, i.e. removal and also implantation are combined as component of a one or 2 action process, installing the removed hair roots straight into the receipt locations without the requirement of developing network incisions in the contributor area to utilize an implanter (store) pen that features a hollow needle linked to a bathtub and bettor gadget. 

This is why the DHI procedure is additionally referred to as the Choi approach.

DHI Hair Transplant Method

During a hair transplant treatment run with the Choi implanter, the specialized physician/surgeon or specialists transmit the harvested grafts into the implanter pen. 

The graft is inserted delicately within the hollow needle, which is positioned at the end of the implanter pen, to be restored to the specialized physician.

Subsequently, the needle is put at an exact angle of 40-45 levels into the scalp by the cosmetic surgeon, as the laceration site is made and afterwards the graft is dental implanted by pushing down on the plunger.

 During a procedure, normally an amount varying from 2-6 Choi implanters and also approximately 15-16 needles are simultaneously used, with the gadget coming in a range of needle sizes to fit the follicular system grafts.

Benefits of DHI Technique

  • Reduced time of grafts remaining outside the body, hence making certain a strong as well as healthy and balanced positioning of the grafts.
  • Hair follicles survival prices.
  • Reduced blood loss during the development of the recipient area.
  • Fast recovery during the postoperative stage, the individual can return back to his/her typical regular quicker.
  • The recipient site does not need to be shaved, as it is a better procedure that allows this problem.
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