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Hair Transplant Finance Options Newcastle

We at Hair Transplant Newcastle take care of our patients. We aspire to help all our clients with their hair loss needs and we are devoted to help them in revitalising their self-esteem.

We believe that hair transplantation treatments need to offer affordability and choice for all. This is why we offer finance options as well in order to spread the payments into more manageable monthly instalments.

Our Financing Plan Options 

Our facilities offer alternatives that you can select from for your hair transplantation settlement. Below are the repayment packages conveniently available for you: 

We offer 2 repayment choices with or without a deposit:

  1. Any finance up to £1,000 borrowed is interest free. This is for PRP treatments or higher deposits for hair transplants leaving only £1,000 left to put on finance.
  2. An industry standard 9.9% APR. So for e.g. a £4,000 hair transplant would be just under £100 per month for 4 years with 0 deposit at 9.9% APR.

Payment Plan

An example of a finance option for a “typical” hair transplant patient:

  1. Client books through Hair transplant Newcastle.
  2. A free consultation is done where everything is explained and a price is given of £3,980
  3. The full finance options with 0 deposit are – £182.70 per month for 2 years, £127.45 per month for 3 years, £99.95 per month for 4 years and £83.54 for 5 years.

Other Payment Options

You can always arrange your own finance in the form of loans, credit cards, family help etc. Some points to consider:

  1. You can look for an interest free credit card and pay off as much as possible/all the amount in the given time. If you can’t pay it all off in time, you can always do a balance transfer to another interest free credit card to pay the remaining off (there usually is a 2.9-3% transfer fee).
  2. You can apply online for a loan via a comparison site. There are providers out there that can offer lower rates than us (depending on your credit score)
  3. You can always ask for help from friends and family
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