Post Procedure

What to expect after a hair transplant treatment?

After the hair transplant treatment, your scalp might be extremely tender. You may need to take discomfort medicines for several days. Your surgeon will certainly have you wear bandages over your scalp for at the very least a day or 2. He may also prescribe an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory medicine for you to take for numerous days.

Your scalp may ache, as well as you might require to take medicines complying with the hair transplant surgery, such as:

  • pain medication
  • prescription antibiotics to minimize your danger of infection
  • anti-inflammatory medicines to maintain swelling down

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The donor location is not going to be visible after the approach, although for some techniques, scarring may occur. We highly encourage our patients to allow the transplanted hair to grow after the treatment. Concealing the recipient area is not a good idea as it stops the transplanted hair from growing along with the natural hair. Allowing it to breathe for an amount of time can help with the growth of the transplanted hair.

Some of our people believe that their recipient area was shaved throughout the treatment, it is not the case. Just the donor area is shaved to get some hair roots. In some instances, the recipient location might have some remnants sticking out on the scalp. 

These remnants will certainly recover in 1-2 weeks. The inflammation of the scalp obtains settled in 3-6 weeks.

Hygiene and cleanliness directions

You can wash the area with shampoo the following day after the surgical treatment It is essential to cleanse the location after the treatment. Shampooing ought to be carried out in a very cautious manner for the initial 2 weeks. Remember, do not scrub the scalp and don’t use shower for cleaning your hair, rather you can utilize a mug to rinse the hair shampoo.
What to do after the surgical treatment

These pointers ought to be followed after the surgery:

  • Patient must stay clear of heavy lifting 3 weeks are the surgery
  • Prescription medicines such as antibiotics and steroids are provided after the surgical treatment. You must take them as recommended to stay clear of infection on the location and to lessen the swelling
  • Do not wear a wig after the surgery
  • Follow your professional’s directions consistently

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