Beard Transplant

What is Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant takes hair from a part of your body (generally the base of your scalp at the back, or under your chin) and transplants it to your face. You have the freedom to select the beard style that you want.

Beard transplants have come a long way. Expert beard and hair transplant facilities and innovation keep enhancing. Even better, you obtain to select specifically the kind of beard you want.

Researches show that bearded guys are regarded as more manly, much more mature, and also physically more powerful, no wonder why a lot of individuals are undergoing this procedure

Beard Transplant Method

We are utilizing the upgraded FUE strategy for the beard transplant method, the hair roots are extracted using a little tool from the back of the head. Before it is planted on the beard area, they are reserved at a temperature in a distinct option that assists with the hair growth.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is our most advised treatment because it is not like other facial hair transplant techniques and also hair replacement procedures, it does not need scalpels, function incisions, openings in the recipient area or stitches.

 Likewise, with the FUE technique, greater than 50% of the implanted hair follicles make it through.

Not like the other hair transplant treatments, the FUE treatment safeguards the client’s follicles from lethal cuttings and from being harmed. With the use of the FUE Implanter (which has a r size less than 1mm) the hair roots are rooted in the preferred face area.

  • Beard transplants actually aren’t limited to simply the reduced face location.
  • Beard transplants don’t call for significantly healing time.
  • A treatment typically takes regarding 5 hours
  • The hair transplanted beard resembles a natural beard.

At Hair Transplant Newcastle, we assure you that our beard transplant is absolutely 100% risk-free and also pain-free as well as it takes in between 2-5 hours and also rarely needs a 2nd visit. Throughout the procedure, hairs are transplanted to the face from the rear of the head location of the client (it is also recognized as the “donor area”).

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